Gunnar Bittersmann Web design technologist

Gunnar is a …? Gunnar is currently struggling to find out what he is since the term ‘frontend developer’ has been occupied by things that have little to do with the frontend, i.e. the user interface, UX, accessibility, interaction, etc. Jory Cunningham coined the term ‘design technologist’, so maybe that’s what Gunnar is.

Gunnar gives talks at conferences and meetups and he writes articles.

What’s new?

I’ve uploaded the slides to my talks HTML elementary and nuqjatlh, cha’DIch (What does it mean, too? / Sekunde mal, wat soll’n dit heißen?)

It’s been along time coming, but now it’s here: the video of my lightning talk Language in язык in שפראך in 語言” at Front-Trends conference, Warszawa, (Slides)

The video of my talk CSS preprocessors for the best of both worlds” at From the Front conference, Bologna, (Slides) is at a new location (YouTube) now: