Gunnar Bittersmann Web design technologist

I am a web design technologist, f/k/a frontend developer who cares more about user experience, inclusive design, accessibility, interaction design, performance, and typography than about the next shiny framework. I love HTML code with as less divs as possible. I love CSS magic over throwing JavaScript at styling. I love Bruce Springsteen songs and play one or two of them on guitar.

I give talks at conferences and meetups and write articles.

You find me on Facebook, on Twitter, on Speaker Deck, on CodePen (mostly samples).

What’s new?

I gave a talk titled “An inclusive tic-tac-toe, progressively enhanced at Inclusive Design 24 (#ID24) on

At the example of a tic-tac-toe, Gunnar shows how to build the core functionality of a web app in plain HTML, with accessibility (almost) for free. The rest is “just” not to take it away when putting CSS and JavaScript on top.